Prenatal Massage & Bodywork

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We know intuitively that massage has many benefits, and especially in pregnancy. One particular study shows regular prenatal massage to ease leg and back pain, relieve depression and anxiety, and even reduce the risk of premature labor, shorten labor length by 3 hours, and reduce pain and need for medication (Field, 2011). The Spinning Babies approach offers additional exercises to practice at home and specific releases in pregnancy and labor for round ligament, back and leg pain, fetal positioning, and stalled labor due to a number of uterine and pelvic structural reasons.

As a “Spinning-Babies Aware” practitioner with prenatal massage training and experience over 40 births attended as a DONA-certified doula and lactation counselor, I offer bodywork that is focused on the whole body, emotions and energetic field, as well as specifically addressing balance and alignment in the torso, pelvis, uterus and supportive ligaments, and fetal position.

Prenatal and postnatal sessions focus on stress and anxiety reduction, fetal position, round ligament and low back relief, balancing the pelvis for labor, abdominal postpartum recovery, and shoulder relief for nursing.

  • Prenatal, Fetal Position or Labor Preparation Massage
  • On-call Labor Massage (at home, hospital or birth center)
  • Postnatal or C-Section Scar Massage
  • Postpartum Doula Support
  • Home Visits

“In my late 30’s I was able to prep my body for pregnancy and through the use of acupuncture and then regular massage by Ihotu, and my husband and I were able to get pregnant the first month trying. She has been absolutely wonderful at listening and guiding my treatments to meet my individual needs. I’ve seen her all through my pregnancy and I’ve asked her to come for a treatment during our labor as well. Not only is Ihotu an amazing practitioner, she also has a wealth of medical knowledge and resources for her clients!”

– Katie, Licensed Acupuncturist, Excelsior

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