The Many Benefits of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Originally featured on A Woman’s Design Doula Services:

The Arvigo Technoques of Maya Abdominal Therapy features a deep, slow, and relaxing massage of the abdomen and low back that comes from Central American healers and midwives and was adapted by naturopathic physician Rosita Arvigo. Recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup in her hallmark book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” as well as by women’s heath experts including Dr. Aviva Romm and Midwife Stephanie Brill, Maya Abdominal Therapy is known for easing digestive conditions, correcting the position of the uterus, and bringing blood, lymph, and chi to the area to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities.
How often do we all slouch forward, doubling over our bellies and breathing only into our chest? How many of us fell on our tailbones years ago, or have chronic misalignment and pain in our hips or sacrum? How many times do women hear from doctors that we are “just” infertile or menopausal, or have irritable bowl syndrome, low libido, fibroids, cysts, scar tissue, painful periods, pelvic pain, a weak bladder or perineum, and there’s simply “nothing they can do” except surgery or intensive drugs? Doctors have few tools for these cases, but here’s where natural medicine comes in.
Maya Abdominal Therapy includes a holistic package of bodywork, pelvic steams, castor oil packs, nutritional counseling, and an opportunity to better understand and listen to a very neglected part of ourselves. The work relies on time tested tools – massage, heat, water, gentle herbs and organic oils – and an undisputed medical philosophy – where blood, lymph, breath, and chi goes, the body’s natural healing goes. The bodywork itself is an external technique that gradually deepens and softens scar tissue, pelvic ligaments, and adhesions in the intestinal tract and around the uterus and fascia holding the abdominal organs. You will have a chance to learn a self-massage to continue at home, and you can expect to come out feeling more grounded, open, breathing more deeply and easily, and you may need to take a trip to the bathroom!
The abdomen and sacrum are sensitive and responsive areas of the body, and even one treatment session plus self-care at home can stimulate nerves and release blockages to relive painful periods, increase libido, and encourage healthy digestion, elimination, and better control of urination and fewer urinary infections. A series of 3 monthly treatments is generally recommended for those working through layers of chronic scar tissue, or alongside allopathic medicine, chiropractic care, or acupuncture for infertility, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, pelvic pain, or prolapse. Also keep in mind that the best time for a Maya Abdominal session is at least 30 minutes after a meal, and when not using an IUD, not menstruating, not post-ovulation if you are trying to conceive, and not during the first trimester of pregnancy. The treatment should have space to take effect without interfering with any other “work” or sensitivities in the area.
How many of us avoid the sight of our bellies, never revealing or touching this soft, vulnerable part of ourselves? How many of us moan and groan at every round of PMS, bleeding, or a hot flash? Could that possibly translate into stuck energy, congested blood vessels and nerves, and over time, disease and poor function in the area? Even if you only try Maya Abdominal Therapy once, what you will learn and explore in a single session will have you thinking about and holding your belly in a whole new way.

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