pregnant? yoga, belly dance, and swim free in nyc



New York City’s Prenatal Fitness Initiative offers amazing classes to get you on a natural, sweaty endorphin high that’s good for you and the little one growing inside. Check out their new schedule Winter 2013-2014. Gentle exercise during pregnancy can have all kinds of feel-good effects, including increasing your flexibility and endurance to prepare for labor, easing back aches, melting stress, and boosting your energy. It’s also helpful in managing your weight gain if you have a knack for making big babies, which can make delivery more difficult. Your doctor will tell you if you’re at a healthy weight or need to watch your size for health reasons, for you and the baby.

Low Cost Prenatal Fitness - Winter 2013

But take caution before you jump in – you’ve got a very sensitive baby in there! Gentle exercise is almost always safe.  Still, make sure you’re in good health before starting any new exercise routine, and talk to your prenatal care provider, whether a doctor or midwife, about what kinds of exercise are a good fit for you.

What results can you expect from each of these prenatal exercise styles?


  • increased awareness of your pelvic floor (which you will use a LOT in childbirth!)
  • poses that you can do by yourself at home, in the hospital or birth center, and with the little one
  • breathing techniques to calm your nerves and help you sleep

Belly Dance:

  • flexibility and “shaking” loose tight muscles around your belly
  • feeling sensual and sexy again (or at least some moves that help in that pursuit)
  • great music that keeps you up and dancing even when you don’t feel like it


  • natural buoyancy from the lack of gravity that makes your belly feel pounds lighter!
  • ease of movement again (and sporting a sexy suit showing all your curves)
  • a reason to splish splash like a kid and even before the baby arrives

Enjoy! And for those of us who aren’t pregnant, New York City is looking out for us, too. Check out Shape Up NYC for free and funky fitness classes for all around the city.

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