tia & tamera & doula: teas to help increase breastmilk

Latham Thomas is a well-known doula/yogi/health coach extraordinaire in the New York area. It’s great to see her on this show, and woohoo! for doula publicity! Granted, you need not be a celebrity to need or deserve a doula, but I’ll save my “boutique doula” critique for another post.

Fenugreek is the main ingredient in any herbal remedies for milk production, although my clients so far have only needed them in special cases. Once mom and the baby establish a good feeding routine over the first several days, most women’s bodies naturally adjust to the amount of milk that their baby needs. But just in case, check out fenugreek and blessed thistle teas and mother’s milk tea, available at your local grocery or health food store. And indeed it tastes bitter – but you can mix it with a natural juice or take it in capsule form.

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