a soothing gospel friday

How BEAUTIFUL and UPLIFTING is gospel music?!

After a night of insomnia and a realization that there is WAY too much running through my head right now, I needed some lifting up. So many people around me are feeling a bit run down right now… the jumpstarting of summer, outdoor church concerts and late-night drumming concerts wafting into my apartment at all hours, travel plans and all kinds of invitations to BBQs and weddings and baby showers…

Number One: I am so very blessed to have all this abundance in my life right now.

Aaaand, Number Two: Even too much of a good thing can turn to poison.

When I open a new invitation in my email inbox and cringe, thinking, “how am I going to fit this into my already packed schedule?” … things need to change. And then I’m up all night long just processing all the too-much-ness that didn’t get sorted out during the day. So instead of trance, soca, or naija pop that I often love to jam to in the mornings, I turned to gospel.

Simple, sweet, always knock-it-out-of-the-park lyrics. It felt like a little sermon, or a gentle womb rocking me on my way to work.

So here’s what kicked off my Pandora station today:  Kirk Franklin’s “Imagine me”

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