you are more beautiful than you know: real beauty sketches

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

It floored me once, when I asked my partner to describe exactly what he saw and felt when he looked at me… why exactly he loved me. It turned out he saw things in me that usually wound up on the bottom of my list, things I took for granted, things I felt were less necessary that I “worked on.” I was “working on” everything that wasn’t right, the places where I saw a gap between me and those around me, my “areas of growth.” I gave my imperfections all my energy, and here he was loving the heck out of my strengths without me even trying. Imagine, if we all worked a bit harder to shine where its easy, and slave less where it is hard. Growth is necessary, but so is sunshine.

Thank you, Dove, for this beautiful (tear jerker! and) reminder.

Taken from Real Beauty Sketches by Dove.

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