Debbie Ford on embracing the light and dark inside

Lemme tell ya. This is one interesting lady. It’s actually not her as much as it is the words and the concepts she shares, which, in a world full of contradictions and falseness, rings true to me. I learned about Debbie Ford initially through my nutrition program and have since joined her listserv, despite my hesitations about life coaches like this (as many of them just seem like another ploy to get rich off folks’ despair and hopes for quick fixes). So why did I? I suppose because right now I’m open to trying anything, and because her explanation of our lightness and darkness resonates especially strong with me.

I first came across this concept a year ago in a poetry and wellness class, and it struck me that I could not even begin to figure out where are my areas of “darkness” – the parts of me I hide and disguise and ignore to the point of naive oblivion (and oh man, was I embarassingly naive). As a young woman, as the eldest daughter in a needy family where I was used to everyone depending on me, there was never any room to be resentful or angry or bitchy, and growing up in the Midwest, I could never allow myself to aspire to powerful or seductive without being “nice” first. I literally get a sour taste in my mouth if someone calls me “nice” because it feels so empty (nice for what??). And yet I couldn’t help wanting to be a “nice girl,” some sweet tendril or an icing on a perfect white (yes, white) cake. So the first experience of exploring my not-so-nice side was shocking. And, thankfully, liberating.

This short clip gives a glimpse into Debbie’s coaching to live authentically and fully, in appreciation of our best days as well as our worst days and her promise that we can be most successful when we accept our whole selves, rather than pretending the negative sides don’t exist or won’t resurface on their own. Really intriguing stuff, I’d say. But then again, I’m obsessive about that authenticity stuff. But maybe I’m not the only one…?

Learn more about Debbie Ford, her meditations & books at

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