fresh food from harvest to hood

Of all the things I have to look forward to summer in New York… free concerts, picnics, dancing in the park, playing with kids in the fire hydrant spray… nothing quite excites me as the prospect of joining a CSA. I’ve heard of “Community-Supported Agriculture” co-operatives before and dismissed them as a “hippie” thing, but now for some reason now, I’m down – perhaps I’ve changed after living in mega-cities for a few years and tiring of scrounging for decent fruits and vegetables that don’t rot within 48 hours, or trekking miles to health food stores with prices only Wall Street traders could afford. What could be better – getting affordably priced, (REAL) organic fresh food and produce, picking up food in a convenient location each week, cooking it with friends, and supporting a real farmer in my state to sell his food locally? has an excellent description of how exactly CSA works and when and how to join a co-operative near you. So why (not) join?

Why Join A CSA?

Buy Local

Your support helps small local farms stay afloat.

Connect with the food you eat by meeting your farmers and exploring the farms.

Eat Well

Buy the freshest food for your family.

Explore new foods and learn to cook with them.

Find out that beet greens aren’t just good for you, they’re tasty too!

Be Healthy

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit.

Share healthy eating habits with your kids. Expose them early to a variety of regional produce.

Protect the Environment

Support farmers who take care of their land by growing food in ways that take care of the soil.

Cut down on the number of miles your food travels from the farm to your plate.

1 thought on “fresh food from harvest to hood

  1. All great reasons to join a CSA. I’m so glad they are growing in popularity. Enjoy.


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