why wait

A collaborative tune with Jovian Phoenix.

Waitin for roaches to stop infesting new york apartments
Waitin for the summer sun to warm, but not burn
Waitin for my ideal employer to offer me a job by email
Waitin for thai massages to be given away for free
Waitin for my family to show me love in the way I want
Waitin for the meaning of life to smack me in the face
Waitin for childhood abuses to not haunt me in my dreams
Waitin for the night to come without insomnia
Waitin for rape to be considered a real crime
Waitin for a smile between strangers to mark the beginning of a friendship
Waitin for neighborhoods to encourage wellness, not despair
Waitin for money to facilitate access, not obsession
Waitin for people to realize what their purpose is
Waitin for God to move in us, to stop waiting.

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