yoga-powered mornings

There is nothing more soothing and empowering than waking up NOT to the sound of my cell phone beeping NOR immediately checking work emails, but to some quiet music and yoga.

I find a room that feels calm to me – with soft light or windows that emanate energy of the new day – and just begin by taking deep breaths. Sometimes I put on a youtube clip for a 7-minute yoga routine, but lately I’ve learned enough poses to just go through them myself, letting my body take me wherever it needs to go. Bending and reaching, stretching down and then up, then side to side, sitting and twisting. All the time breathing deeply. And 5-10 minutes later, I feel fresher, more awake, more ready to take on the events of the day. In fact, I don’t actually feel the normal “limber” feeling that yoga usually leaves in me. When I yoga in the mornings, I feel strong and powerful.

Knowing the trend of my days, I need all the strength and power I can get.

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