so sweet

She taught her daughter to be sweet, a nice girl who made her mommy and daddy smile. Cause when he smiled, mommy always smiled back and every time he sent roses like aloe for wounds shaped like the back of his hand, she said thank you and curtsied. He wooed her, told her she was beautiful and said her nice breasts made up for her homely face, and she blushed. She never knew each batted eye and flattered-shut mouth were the moments he stole the power out of her hands, took one more brick off the wall that would be her only protection from his blows. He kept her on a tight leash named insecurity and that was what she instilled in her daughter, her firstborn and joy and the sweet girl who she’d raise to be just like her. She’d be kind and loving and bow curtsie and smile and blush and be just so, so sweet.

2 thoughts on “so sweet

  1. he sent roses like aloe for wounds shaped like the back of his hand – what a powerfully descriptive and creative line. Very nicely done.


    1. thanks for your kind words, jessicamarie19! i’m glad that line grabbed you, too. it is a very powerful, intense one for me as well. i’ve enjoyed reading some of the work on your blog as well…stay up sister!


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